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How Iraq's 2,600-year-old Jewish community was decimated in one decade

By Edwin Black
Just days before the Coalition Provisional Authority is scheduled to return power to Iraqi control, four Iraqi Jews inconspicuously board
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An Iraqi Jewish Story

Tamara Ruben Interview
In an RJ interview, Iraqi-born Tamara Ruben, the education director of Temple Emanu-El in Westfield, New Jersey, describes the freedom and affluence her parents and other Jews enjoyed in Iraq in the 1920s and
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By Joshua Eli Plaut
While for the majority of Americans Christmas is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus, for Jews it is a time to consider their relationship to the wider society. Some Jews have chosen to adopt the
Yuletide festivities.Some have emphatically rejected the rituals and symbols of Christmas. Still others have sought ways to meld Christmas and Chanukah. Christmas, in effect, has become a prism through...
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My Opinion

By Bernard A. Karshmer
As "snail mail" loses the communications race to near-instantaneous e-mail, we face unprecedented ethical issues-- among them the ease of spreading cybergossip. Today we can routinely press "forward" to broadcast newly received information to large numbers of people--and often do so without giving much thought to its veracity. ....Full text
The Ultimate Latke & Other Delights

By Tina Wasserman
I love fried foods. Though the thought of using a quart of oil in a single recipe makes me queasy, the crispy edges of golden potato latkes and the comforting scent of warm dough commingled with vanilla and spices of a freshly fried doughnut make my heart flutter. ...Full text
Contemporary Jewish Fiction
by Bonny V. Fetterman

At 84, Aharon Megged is one of Israel's most celebrated novelists (winner of the 2003 Israel Prize for Literature) and cultural critics. His masterful novel, Foiglman (first published in Hebrew in 1987), explores major conflicts underlying Israeli society through characters that seem so real we can imagine them in our living rooms.
Zvi Arbel, a professor of Jewish history at Tel Aviv University, leads a comfortable life with his wife Nora, a research biologist, and their grown son Yoav, a career army officer.
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Natasha and
Other Stories

David Bezmozgis, a 31-year-old Canadian writer, takes us inside the world of Russian Jewish immigrants--a community that he knows well, having emigrated with his parents from Latvia to Toronto in 1983 when he was six years old. Bezmozgis' narrator, Mark Berman, recalls painful and amusing episodes in the lives of newcomers to this North American city as they struggle to adjust to a new culture. "At least in Russia you know who to bribe," Mark quips.
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