Fall 1999

Could We Have Stopped Hitler? by Edwin Black
In 1933, a Jewish-led international boycott threatened to crush the new Nazi regime -- until it was derailed by the secret "Transfer Agreement."
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Our Common Humanity by Bill Clinton
If we could learn this one lesson, most of the world's conflicts would be resolved.

If You Ask Me by Amy Hersh
If you ask me, whenever you lose faith in humanity, go look at a watch advertisement.

So Human by Leonard Nimoy
They admired me as "Spock." But how would the Germans perceive me as a Jew?

A Call To Outreach by Eric H. Yoffie
Let us not be afraid to ask non-Jews within our congregations to convert.

Make Jewish History
Explore Florida's rich Jewish heritage at the 1999 Orlando Biennial.

A Statement of Principles for Reform Judaism
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FOCUS: Old Age

I Never Thought It Would Happen To Me by W. Gunther Plaut
Growing old exacts a price. But aging is also a privilege.

Old by Harvey Gordon
Don't tell me that I'm "young at heart"--I'm just active at 65.

A Bellyful of Light by Barbara Holender
Four words defined my rite of passage: divest, accept, cleanse, and plant.
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A New Old World
Congregations are beginning to respond to the needs of an increasingly vital older generation. A conversation with Rabbi Richard Address.

The Unstoppables by Jo-Ann Mort
Four Jews, 80-95, have found the key to "aging with grace."

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A Ceremony of Passage on My Sixty-Fifth Birthday by Barbara Holender
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Dear Reader / E. Yoffie
Ask the Rabbi / J. Shanks
UAHC & You / A. Hersh
Significant Jewish Books/ B. Fetterman
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Books: A Spiritual Start for the New Year / B. Fetterman
Spotlight / B. M. Gilbert
Milestones / A. Hersh
Opinion: Why We Negotiated with Milosevic / S. Jacobs

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