Fall 1998

Playing God by Jonathan Cohen
Is human cloning forbidden? It all depends on how we read the first line of Genesis.

If You Ask Me by Amy Hersh
So, you want to know what I think about human cloning?

The Fury of Orthodoxy by Simeon Maslin
By declaring holy war on us, some Orthodox leaders have not only defamed the majority of Jews, but also their own rabbinic forebears.

Teaching Shalom in the Shadow of Tibet by Mary and Everett Gendler
On a bone-chilling Himalayan mountain, we offered young Tibetans a Jewish perspective on nonviolent resistance.

Thank You, Moritz Loth by Michael Meyer
A 125-year retrospective on the growth of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations from 34 congregations and a staff that gathered round a single table to the largest synagogue movement in North America. Plus: eyewitness accounts by Jane Evans, Alexander M. Schindler, and Al Vorspan.

FOCUS: Unsung Heroes of Israel

The Woman Who Returned Jews to Zion by Andrée Aelion Brooks
In the 16th century, Jewish activist and visionary Doña Gracia Nasi orchestrated the first semi-autonomous settlement in Palestine since antiquity.

The Boys Who Navigated History by Ruth Gruber
The crew of the Exodus 1947 ship, whose courage helped win worldwide support for the Zionist cause, were mostly twenty-something Americans.

The Reform Jew Who Changed Truman's Mind by Samuel A. Montague
If it hadn't been for Eddie Jacobson, a little-known Reform Jew from Kansas City, Missouri, the United States might not have voted for Jewish statehood.

The Man Who Made Israel Fly by Eric Blau
A conversation with Al Schwimmer, founder of Israel's aviation industry, the sixth largest in the world.

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