Fall 1996

Rabbi Eric H. Yoffie: Teacher of Living Torah
The new UAHC president talks about growing up Reform, how to transform the lives of Jews today, and the future direction of our movement.

Imagine: A Synagogue for the 21st Century by Lawrence A. Hoffman
Imagine a synagogue where people stay, finding it driven by spiritual vision and offering more than they ever thought possible.

Without Social Action, There is No Torah by Leonard Fein
Jewish tradition is not the story of texts alone, but the story of what a people has made of its texts.

Blood Sisters by Claire Safran
When the judicial system meant lies, and a childhood friendship meant a life redeemed-the Sonia Jacobs story.

What Habeas Corpus Means to Me by Sonia Jacobs
Had habeas corpus been restricted then as it is now, I would be in prison still.

At West Point by Beth M. Gilbert, photos by Ted Spiegel
A portrait of the Jewish cadets and chaplain at the U.S. Military Academy.

FOCUS ON: The Officiation Debate

The Question That Will Not Go Away by Jack Stern
Will officiating at an interfaith wedding have a positive or negative effect on Jewish continuity?

Why I Officiate at Selected Intermarriages by Harry Danziger
When I officiate at the wedding and help shape the Jewish character of the marriage, it makes a difference in the couple's ongoing relationship with Judaism.

The Problem With Officiation is the Message by George Markley
Conducting such a ceremony implies that a marriage between a Jew and a non-Jew is no different in the eyes of the community.


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