(All answers can be found in the Fall 2000 issue.)
  1. Which rabbinical body was the first to affirm the Jewish validity of committed, same gender relationships?

  2. What great Jewish leader was a stutterer?

  3. What are some of the watershed events in the evolution of Jewish mysticism?

  4. What does the Holiness Code (in Leviticus 19) say about the "mitzvah" (commandment) of how to relate to our elders?

  5. What does Jewish law say about placing a reluctant parent in a nursing home?

  6. What author was sued for libel by a Holocaust denier who claimed that the mass murder of Jews in gas chambers is a myth and that Jews were not singled out for extermination?

  7. Who wrote the song, "White Christmas"?

  8. What is unusual about "A Sign Upon Your Hand," a Jewish musical performed at Congregation Beth Israel in San Diego, CA?

  9. Why is Jacob Schiff generally acknowledged to be the most important Jewish leader of his time?

  10. Who wrote: "It is forbidden to be obdurate and not to allow yourself to be appeased"?

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