RJ Fall 2000

Fall 2000

The Perestroika Miracle by Sue Fishkoff
After seven decades of religious suppression, Jewish life is flourishing in the Former Soviet Union--with Reform Judaism in the lead.

Pioneers in a Land of Promise by Sue Fishkoff
Meet our first three homegrown spiritual leaders.

5 Sermons No One Slept Through by Marc Saperstein
Excerpts from memorable 20th-century High Holy Day sermons.

What 9-Letter Word Has Been Deleted from Reform Teachings? by Lawrence Kushner
Mysticism -- and it's time to correct that mistake.

Jews Can't Take "Yes" for an Answer by Harold Schulweis
Jewish insensitivity to Catholics who seek forgiveness defies Judaism's core belief in the transformative power of t'shuvah.
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The Long Road from Terezin to Ordination by Rahel Musleah
Holocaust survivor Helga Newmark, 67, is the oldest person to become a rabbi in the 125-year history of HUC-JIR.

If Wise Could See Us Now by Sheldon Zimmerman
A 125-year HUC-JIR retrospective.
FOCUS: Caring for Aging Parents

Regret by Jack Tucker
I tell myself that no son could have been more devoted to his parents, and yet....

Wrestling with Mother by Eugene Goodheart
I needed to break the hold she had on me--but I doubted I would succeed.

Ask the Rabbi by Judy Shanks
How to honor an aging mother without exhausting oneself.
Home, Bittersweet Home by Sheldon Marder
What Jewish law says about placing a reluctant parent in a nursing home, and how to ease the transition.
The 10 Most Important Preparations a Caregiver Can Make by Steven Burkett
An eldercare attorney offers essential advice.
The Road Taken by Linda Feldman
G uided autobiography can help our loved ones glimpse future possibilities and arrive at new expectations.
It Takes a Congregation by Diane Cole
A handful of congregations have formed teams to help adult children care for infirm parents.

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