Summer 1999

Storming Heaven by Arthur Hertzberg
The perils of Jewish messianism.

If You Ask Me by Amy Hersh
If you ask me, the Messiah hasn't come for some pretty good reasons. And I'm primarily to blame.

Of Vileness and Virtue by Jeffrey Salkin
How can we take the evil within and make of it a ladder that can uplift us?

Praying As One by Janet Marder
In search of a unifying prayer book for a movement that agrees on little else than the merits of religious diversity.

FOCUS: Coming Home to Judaism

How Michael Jackson Made Me a Jew by Joel Berman
Although my return was incremental, I can clearly remember the day it began: Super Bowl Sunday, 1992.

Heartbeat to Heaven by Rhonda Cloos
My mother told me that one day religion might be important in my life. That day came to pass.

The Paradox That Stumped Science by Irwin Cohen
Science cannot account for beauty, loneliness, or love.

Kaddish for Arthur by Michael Bettinger
Although death often seems incomprehensible, I have learned to be at peace with the incomprehensible.

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