Summer 1998

Relax, It's OK to be the Chosen People By Arthur Hertzberg & Aron Hirt-Manheimer
Chosenness is both a sense of moral mission and a survival mechanism that brings Jews comfort -- and tribulation.

The Eternal Eden By Marc Gellman
Reform Jews who deny the world to come are depriving themselves of the most hopeful belief in Jewish tradition.

If You Ask Me By Amy Hersh
So, you want to know what I think about the afterlife?

God, Where Were You? By W. Gunther Plaut
How can Jews believe in God after Auschwitz?

My Life as a Cantor By Beth M. Gilbert
A former cop, a rabbi's daughter, and a woman who carries within the musical soul of her grandmother reflect on the cantorate of the '90s.

Cantors: Myths & Facts By Howard M. Stahl
The role of today's cantor is much more varied than many suppose.

FOCUS ON: Learning for Life

It's Never Too Late To Begin
Adult Jewish Growth Department director Rabbi Lawrence Raphael discusses his vision for instilling in Reform Jews a greater commitment to and love of Jewish learning.

How To Become a Knowledgeable Jew By Michelle Gabriel
A look at four successful Reform adult learning programs from around the world.

What Congregations Need to Know about the Adult Learner By Diane Schuster and Isa Aron
Teaching strategies that work.
Adult Jewish Learning Strategies Chart An RJ Website added value
Adult Jewish Learning Directory An RJ Website added value

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The RJ Pyramid Puzzle (the Jewish numbers game)
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