RJ Summer 2000

Summer 2000

The Perfection-Thinness Syndrome by Sanford Jarashow
Society's obsession with the idea "thin is beautiful" has resulted in an epidemic of eating disorders.

Dying To Lose Weight: My Story by Rachel Davidson
At the age of 19, I weighed 75 pounds and felt my life was hopeless.

The Play That Plagues the Jews by Michael Cook
For nearly 400 years, the Oberammergau Passion Play's portrayal of the death of Jesus has cast unjustified blame on the Jews--with deadly impact.

Don't Mess With Rivka by Rahel Musleah
This devoted temple educator will not let a single student slip through the cracks--and certainly not Adam, the bar mitzvah boy she rescued from a missionary trap.

Whatever Happened to the NEFTY Class of '79? by Lisa Hostein
Had our youth leadership experiences been enough to sustain us as Jewish adults and pass on our tradition to the next generation?

Daring To Question
A conversation with new UAHC Board Chairman Russell Silverman

FOCUS: Synagogue Transformation

Reinventing the Synagogue by Rahel Musleah
Synagogues across the country are transforming themselves in order to become more welcoming and spiritually meaningful.

Why Congregations Need To Change by Lawrence Hoffman
We can find the answers to our prayers in synagogues that have transformed themselves from communities of consumers to communities of seekers.

Forsaking the Status Quo in Scarsdale by Richard Jacobs
How we transformed Westchester Reform Temple.

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Ask the Rabbi / J. Shanks
My Opinion: Why We Taught Our Youngsters How To Handle a Gun / R. Winer

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