Spring 1999

Victors, Not Victims by David Arnow
Confronting the Holocaust-Israel creation myth.

A Protest Unacknowledged by Ernst Biberstein, with Michael Biberstein
The Vatican, which had ignored Edith Stein's plea and left her to her fate, now proposed to shower my aunt with dubiously motivated honors.

Remembering Edith: A Conversation with Susanne Batzdorff
The niece of Edith Stein reflects on the life choices of her aunt.

An Irresistible Choice by Michael A. Signer
Why Pope John Paul II has championed Edith Stein's canonization despite strong objections from the Jewish community.

The Placebo God by Harold Schulweis
I am uneasy about using placebo proof as evidence of God's direct hand in human healing.

If You Ask Me by Amy Hersh
So, you want to know what I think about placebos?

Judaism Found by Beth M. Gilbert
In the 20 years since the inception of Outreach, thousands of non-Jews have found a spiritual home in Judaism.

A conversation with incoming WUPJ Director Rabbi Richard A. Block.

FOCUS: Gondolas & Golems

A Jungle Journey by Andrée Aelion Brooks
Our expedition through the tropical wilderness of Suriname uncovered mysteries of a pioneering Jewish settlement in the Americas.

Havdallah in Uganda by Jon Marshall
Jewish life has taken root in unexpected places, from the forests of India to a village in Uganda.

Carnival of Ghosts by Steve Stern
Everywhere in Prague you are reminded that you are in a city saturated by a magic that centuries of oppression have been unable to stamp out.

Ghetto Chic by Sergio Ortiz
The old Jewish ghetto has become the place to live in Venice.

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