Spring 1997

Worship That Works By Janet Marder
What we can learn from four congregations that enjoy powerful, Jewishly authentic and fulfilling worship services.

Liberal Judaism: A Light Unto the Israelis By Eric H. Yoffie
Increasingly in the grip of Orthodox fanaticism and aggressive secularism, Israel needs Progressive Judaism more than ever.

Confronting Change
A conversation with UAHC Board Chairman Jerome H. Somers


The Old-New Struggle for Israel's Soul By Arthur Hertzberg
The central religious-cultural battle of 100 years ago is being refought in this generation.

A Valid Passport By Eric Blau
Magically, Theodor Herzl visits the Jewish state he envisioned 100 years ago.

The Odd Couple No More By Dow Marmur
Once divided, Reform and Zionism are now totally intertwined.

Surmounting the Ideological Divide By Levi Weiman-Kelman
Why Progressive Judaism is not flourishing in Israel.

Jewish and Palestinian By Jasmin Habib
My mother's parents escaped Nazi Germany; my father's family was ejected by
the Israelis in 48.


Dear Reader /P. Menitoff, E. Yoffie, S. Zimmerman
UAHC & You
Books /S. Schnur
Books /S. Pinsker
Fiction /The Tale of a Kite by Steve Stern
Spirituality /L. Felder
Travel /A. Vorspan
Adult Education /B. Schwartz
Law /D. Saperstein & B. Skelton
Spotlight /B. Gilbert, J. Kushner, D. Shearn
Milestones /A. Hersh
Opinion /R. Kamenetz

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