Spring 1996
Schindler's Legacy by Al Vorspan
In his twenty-three years as president of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, Rabbi Alexander M. Schindler has transformed the Reform movement and emerged as perhaps the leading spokesman for American Jewry

Hear God's Call: A Communal Ethical Will by Alexander M. Schindler
By gathering our heartaches into a house of worship, our individual heartbeats merge with the pulse of all humankind.

A False Prophet Armed by Arthur Hertzberg
It was not fundamentalism that murdered Rabin, but a misguided messianism that has plagued Jewish history.

Entering the Mikveh by Jane Solomon
A Refrom Jew discovers that "At the moment of immersion you are as close as you can ever be to God."

When Steven Met Peri by Beth M. Gilbert
It all began with a call to one of the eight Reform-sponsored social networks throughout the U.S.

The Klezmer Craze by Robert Eshman
Like the opening tease of a joyful freilich, klezmer music has steadily gained momentum, spinning gloriously out of control.

Is Popular Culture Defining Synagogue Music? by David Mermelstein
As Reform synagogues across the nation reshape their musical styles, debate continues over whether or not the changes are positive.

A Time of Praise, and A Time of Promise by Todd Leopold
The 1995 biennial marked the end of one era and the beginning of another.

Choosing Exclusion? by Harris Gilbert, George Markley, Onnie Scheyer, Jeanne Waldman, Arnold S. Gluck, Susan Parsons, and Dru Greenwood
Defining and debating the controversial resolution urging Reform schools not to enroll children who receive formal instruction in another religion.

Return to Judaism, Return to Ourselves by Eric Yoffie
My goal is to help build a movement of Reform Jews for whom Torah is at the center of their lives.

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