RJ Spring 2000

Spring 2000

The God Puzzle by Richard Levy
God did not give us the puzzle box with the picture on the cover. Figuring out how to connect all the pieces is part of the purpose of our existence.
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The Worship Revolution by Eric H. Yoffie
I propose that we proclaim a new Reform revolution which will make synagogue worship our foremost concern.

The Orlando Biennial Album
A photographic retrospective of "An Event To Remember."

Young & Proud
A conversation with UAHC Youth Director Rabbi Allan Smith on the results of a new survey offering a candid look at the new generation.

FOCUS: Divorce & Recovery

Becoming Whole Again by Earl Grollman
Divorce pushes you to the edge of a cliff; you are forced to respond to a new life.

The Jewish Way of Divorce by Sandy Seltzer
We've come a long way since Deuteronomy 24:1.

Yes, There Is a Reform Divorce Document... But Don't Call It a "Get"
An interview with its author, Rabbi Simeon Maslin

My "Un-Wedding" Ceremony by Judyth Har Even
Nourishing ourselves on a "Diet for Estranged Wives," we read and sang personal passages and songs by candlelight.

Mourning a Marriage by Laura Geller
During the traditional get ceremony, I began to feel released -- still, I needed a ritual through which I could release myself.

Restore the Get by Leigh Lerner
The abandonment of ceremonial divorce ignores the emotional needs of our congregants at a time of deep distress in their lives.

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Dear Reader / E. Yoffie
If You Ask Me / A. Hersh
The Inner Life: The Confession / J. Berman
The Vorspan Chronicles: The Jacques Attack / A. Vorspan
UAHC & You / M. Chapman
Significant Jewish Books / B. Fetterman
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Books: Inheriting Holocaust Memory / B. Fetterman
Holidays: Try Something Different This Passover / F. Dantowitz
Spirituality: How To Raise Your Spiritual IQ / S. Pollack
Profile: The Man Who Brings Torahs to Life / R. Musleah
Education: Six Innovative Teachers / B. M. Gilbert
Spotlight / B. M. Gilbert
Milestones / M. Chapman
Ask the Rabbi / J. Shanks
My Opinion: Redefine Jewish Peoplehood / E. Case
Cover: "Once in a Blue Moon," 1998, (detail) by Samuel Bak
Oil on canvas. Courtesy of the Pucker Gallery, Boston.

Samuel Bak had the first exhibition of his drawings at the age of nine in the Vilna Ghetto. Escaping after its destruction, he emigrated to Israel, where he studied at the Bezalel Art School in Jerusalem. Now living in the Boston area, Bak has had numerous solo exhibitions of his work at galleries and museums in the United States, Israel, and Europe.


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