Spring 1998

Serenity Lost by Harold Schulweis
The seduction of work has drained us of our poetry, romance, and intimacy. The solution is Shabbat.

The Knowledge Gap by Eric H. Yoffie
Five ways to help solve the Jewish literacy crisis.

The Vulcan is a Real Jew Interview by Sonia Levitin
Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy talks about being a Jew, the meaning of Passover, and more.

Jewish Macho by Jeffrey Salkin
The unspoken crisis facing modern Judaism is the disengagement of men. What do Jewish men need?

The Reform Family Album: 5 Days in Dallas by Jeff Weiss
From workshops to worship, 4500 Reform Jews found inspiration, insight, and answers at the Dallas Biennial.

FOCUS ON: Beyond Cancer

Choosing to Live by Barbara Joseph
If there is a gift in cancer, it is in opening us up to the preciousness of life.

The Unquenchable Hope by Michael Lerner
My father, Max Lerner, fought death every last inch of the way.

Passage to Wholeness by Eric Weiss
Judaism offers potent remedies to strengthen the body and spirit.

You CAN Make a Difference by Beth M. Gilbert
Thanks to CAN volunteers, cancer patients can hitch a free ride on a private jet.

Dear Reader /E. Yoffie
UAHC & You /A. Hersh
Fiction: My Great Great Great Great Grandmother's Life /F. Fastow
Books: Best Books in Brief /S. Schnur
Israel at 50: The Campaign for an Israeli Constitution /M. Chabin
Life Cycle: Witness to a Get /A. Brooks
Spotlight: Shelter of Peace, Music Magic /B. Gilbert
Milestones /A. Hersh
Opinion /A. Vorspan

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