Winter 1995

Moses, Too, Was Once A Marginal Jew, by Eric H. Yoffie
We must reach out to Jews on the periphery of Jewish life

The Moral of Bosnia, by Arthur Hertzberg
The lessons of Bosnia will affect the fate of minorities worldwide.

What The World Needs Now, by Charles Allen, Jr.
The world needs a permanent war crimes tribunal.

From Perestroika to Progressive Judaism, by Lawrence Rifkin
Meet the future leaders of Reform Judaism in the former Soviet Union.

The Rabbi's Rabbi: Paul Menitoff
A conversation with the CCAR's new Executive V.P.


My Temple, My Sanctuary, by Jill Menkes Kushner
In temple I can ask questions that seem out of place elsewhere.

Mitchell Sommers, Who Do You Think You Are?, by Mitchell Sommers

Yes, I Am a Genuine Jew, by Susan V. Gelmis
The Shabbat blessings have brought a new warmth into my life.

The Spy Who Came into the Shul, by Harley L. Sachs
Working behind the Iron Curtain as a secret agent, I rediscovered my identity as a Jew.

A Home for My Soul, by Diane Feen
Synagogue is the place where my love for life converges with a love for the infinite.

From Marx to Moses, by Dan Icolari
I confronted my feelings of being less than fully a Jew.

The Art of Jewish Self-Discovery, by Mira Zelechower-Aleksiun


Dear Reader - A. Schindler
UAHC and You - N. Salkin
Heart to Heart - D. Syme
Books - S. Schnur
Travel - A. & J. Hirt-Manheimer
Outreach - B. Gilbert
Movement - W. G. Plaut
Trends - K. Lifton
Reform Jewish Living - B. Zlotowitz & D. Kasakove
Spotlight - B. Gilbert & R. Rees
Moments and Milestones - B. Eisenpres
Opinion - B. Brickner

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