Winter 1999

What a Difference a Century Makes by Michael A. Meyer
A 100-year retrospective on the tragedies, triumphs, and challenges of the Jewish people.
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The Catholic-Jewish Dispute That Won't Go Away by Arthur Hertzberg
If relations between Jews and the Roman Catholic Church are so good, why are they so bad?

The Gospel of Hate A Conversation with Ken Stern
A conversation with antisemitism expert Ken Stern on hate-motivated crimes and what we can do to stop them.
        A Jewish Response to Hatred and Violence

Repairing the World from the Inside Out by Jan Katzew
It is not enough to elevate our world through social action. Equally important is the act of internal mending.

FOCUS: Midrash

How Could Abraham Take Isaac to Sacrifice Without a Word to Sarah? by Norman Cohen
In creating midrash, we channel the voices of our ancestors through the fabric of our own lives.

The Man Who "Met" Moses
A conversation with Peter Pitzele, who brings biblical characters to life.

The Imposter Bride by Anita Diamant
How did Leah really end up under the chupah?

Peniel Dawn by Trent Masiki
"Who are you?" Jacob asked as he approached the stranger. He replied: "Do you really not know?"

White Fire: The Art of Writing Midrash by Alicia Ostriker
The first step is finding a character or a situation that excites you.

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Dear Reader / E. Yoffie
The Vorspan Chronicles: Back to the Future / A. Vorspan
The Inner Life: A Baby Named after Fifty Years / S. Schnur
UAHC & You / A. Hersh
Significant Jewish Books/ B. Fetterman
        Significant Jewish Books Study Guides An RJ Website Added Value
Books: A Harvest of Fiction / B. Fetterman
World Jewry: The Long Journey Home / M. Ressler
Education: Where Parents Are Teachers, Too / E. Nemhauser
Spotlight / C. Kur & B. M. Gilbert
Milestones / A. Hersh
Ask the Rabbi / J. Shanks
Opinion: Say Yes To Circumcision / D. Greenbaum

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