Winter 1998

Is it Time To Chart a New Course for Reform Judaism?
CCAR President Rabbi Richard Levy says yes--by reclaiming once rejected practices in pursuit of holiness. Interview.
Draft "Ten Principles for Reform Judaism"
This is Not the Way by Robert Seltzer
We must guard against the pitfalls of turning Reform Judaism into Conservative Judaism Lite.

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Culture on a Plate by Jenna Weissman Joselit
What our dietary choices tell us about ourselves.

If You Ask Me by Amy Hersh
So, you want to know what I think about the bagel?

Soul on Trial by Carol Orsborn
Now that I was finally traveling on the road back to Judaism, the Prophet Micah refused to let me pass.

FOCUS: Ethical Wills

Words from the Heart by Jack Riemer
The Jewish custom of transmitting the wisdom of a lifetime from generation to generation is being revived.

Remember Me with Joy by Sholom Aleichem
Let my name rather be remembered with laughter than not at all.

A Little Testament by Augusta Hammerslough Rosenwald
Foster the love and affection for one another as tho I were among you.

The Road to Virtue by Benjamin M. Roth
A sure test of a clear conscience is an unclouded temperament and a cheerful spirit.

A Prescription for Peace by Sidney D. Leader
During the time that we are here, we have to do everything in our power to pursue the ultimate goal--an age of peace.

Be a Good Jew by Eric Simon
To be a good Jew is to conduct one's life with a Jewish consciousness in all aspects of human interaction.

Some Thoughts That Have Framed My Life by Evely Laser Shlensky
Envision a "spiritual atmosphere" surrounding the world. Decide whether the deeds or words you're contemplating will enrich or deplete the atmosphere.

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Dear Reader E. Yoffie
UAHC & You A. Hersh
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Ask the Rabbi J. Shanks
Movement: ARZA and World Union Unite S. Fishkoff
Synagogue: Birth of a Congregational Covenant E. Grotta
Spotlight B. M. Gilbert
Milestones A. Hersh
Opinion: Honor the Holiness of Gay and Lesbian Marriages

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