Winter 1997

The Jewish Ethics Challenge: Where Do You Stand? By Arthur Gross Schaefer
How Jewish values can guide us in making the right decision.

Observations of a Rabbi Who Never Became a Bar Mitzvah By Jack Stern
Social morality, peoplehood, and "new age": what we can learn from retracing the journey of Reform Judaism in America.

The Prophetic Voice
A Religious Action Center double "chai" retrospective, including "The Portentous Pipes" by Balfour Brickner, "The Contentious Contest" by Al Vorspan, and "The Momentous Moments."

The Good Rabbi: A Murder Mystery By Bob Sloan
"Racing home, the rabbi could already see Fred grabbing hold of the screen door...." The Conclusion.


The Un-Dead By Michael Lawton
Everyone thinks that by now our vital signs should be down to a gasp, but German Jewry lives on.

A Second Chance By Cliff Kulwin
A new Progressive Judaism is rising in the land of its origins.

See No Evil By Adam Blauhut
Why had he come to Germany? What did he have to prove?

Rubinstein's Auction By Rafael Seligmann
Will the Germans ever forgive us for their guilty conscience?

Why I Have Not Visited Germany By Arthur Hertzberg
I presume the older generation is guilty until proven innocent.


Dear Reader /E. Yoffie
UAHC & You /A. Hersh
Books /S. Schnur
Israel at 50 /A. Hirsch
Law /S. Rabinove
Spotlight /S. Friedland, B.M. Gilbert
Milestones /A. Hersh
Opinion /D. Scher

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