Winter 1996

Strange Bedfellows by Barbara Simon
Right-wing Jews and apostates are spreading the Christian Coalition's gospel of a theocratic America.

Why We Reject "Messianic Jews" by Mark Washofsky
They are apostates and should be treated as such by Reform Jews.

Patrick J. Buchanan: America's Master Holocaust Denier by Charles Allen, Jr.
Buchanan has become the most effective Nazi war criminal apologist and Holocaust denier in America.

FOCUS ON: Judaism On-Line

The Challenge of Cyber-Judaism by Karen Davis
Will the Internet isolate or unify Jews? And how will the new technology change the synagogue?

Surfing the Reform Web by Eric Simon
Where can you find a liberal congregation in Amsterdam, a 24-hour Reform Talmud class, and the answer to a pressing Jewish question? Answer: The World Wide Web.

The Ten Minute Spiritual Workout by Terry Bookman
This daily, computer-assisted religious fitness program develops one's connection to the inner self and to the Transcendent Power of the Universe--God.

My E-Mail Confidante by Joelle Cohen and Nina Salkin
Two women, one in Los Angeles, the other in New York, have created an "I-Thou relationship" on-line.


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