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  • "My Opinion" articles should express a viewpoint that has not been covered in recent editions. To respond to a published "Opinion" article, please do not send your own "My Opinion" on the subject; utilize our Letters Forum.
  • "My Opinion" articles should be a maximum of 525 words
  • Articles should be personal and controversial
  • Articles should be of Jewish content and appropriate for consideration in the official magazine of the Reform synagogue movement.
  • Articles should not be time-sensitive (there may be a 6+ month lead time from submission to publication)
  • Other kinds of article submissions, i.e. those which do not conform to these editorial guidelines, should be submitted via regular mail along with an SASE; please visit Writers Guidelines.
  • We will respond to all "My Opinion" submissions which meet the above guidelines via e-mail within 4-6 weeks. Unfortunately, volume precludes personal responses, except for those submissions which are selected for potential publication (a maximum of 4 per year).
  • We reserve the right to edit articles for reasons of space and clarity. If your article is accepted, a copy of the edited manuscript will be shared with you prior to publication.
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