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Our newest offering is a discussion about Family Feuds with Rabbi Jack Riemer, spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Tikvah in Boca Raton, FL; co-editor with Nathaniel Stampfer of So That Your Values Live on, published by Jewish Lights, Woodstock, VT; and chair of the National Rabbinic Network, a support system for rabbis across all denominational lines. In his RJ article, entitled "Where Was Isaac?" he cites a commentary by Rabbi Abraham Turetsky on the Akedah story, Abraham's near sacrifice of his son Isaac, noting that "after his near sacrifice, Isaac is not mentioned again until his father Abraham's funeral-a silence which echoes to this day." Rabbi Riemer urges both parents and children to make the first move towards reconciliation: "Do so because you should, no matter how difficult it might be. Otherwise, you will be left with a legacy of guilt to carry inside you long after [they] are gone."

Rabbi Riemer welcomes your comments, thoughts, stories, questions, and more.

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