The Fall 2001 issue of Reform Judaism magazine, to be in all homes by the end of August, is slated to include the following:

"Does It Matter If Your Child Marries Out of the Faith?" by Rahel Musleah * What the latest studies reveal about changing Jewish attitudes toward intermarriage, and what these findings portend for the Jewish future in America.

"Stories About God" by Rachel Naomi Remen * The doctors of ancient times attributed illness to soul loss, a loss of awareness of the holy in us and around us. The things we can experience yet cannot prove may be the very things that ultimately sustain our lives.

"How To Get Ten-Year-Olds Loving the High Holy Days" by Marge Eiseman * At my congregation last Yom Kippur, when the parents came to retrieve their children, the kids were so engaged, they refused to leave.

Focus: Reconciliation

In this Focus, we look at family feuds and explore the ways in which Judaism can help us to forgive and reconcile with our families.

And much more!

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