(All answers can be found in the Summer 2001 issue.)
  1. Who was the founder of the modern Zionist movement?

    A. Theodor Herzl
    B. Golda Meir
    C. Benjamin Disraeli
    D. Henrietta Szold

  2. Which of the following biblical figures "adopted" a child?

    A. Abraham
    B. Jacob
    C. Michal (King Davidís wife)
    D. All of the above

  3. What does the Torah prescribe as the formal procedure for adoption?

    A. A legal guardian is appointed by the court
    B. Whoever brings can orphan up is legally his adopted parent
    C. A period of seven years of child-raising is considered grounds for adoption
    D. There is no formal procedure

  4. Is it appropriate to recite Kaddish for an aborted fetus?

    A. Yes, always.
    B. Yes, if there is a minyan
    C. Yes, if the fetus was aborted in cases of rape and/or incest
    D. No

  5. Who built the Dome of the Rock?

    A. Caliph Umar
    B. Caliph ĎAbd al-Malik
    C. Caliph Omar
    D. Caliph Sophronius

  6. When did the Temple Mount return to Jewish rule (for the first time since the year 70)?

    A. 1948
    B. 1949
    C. 1967
    D. 1973

  7. What do Muslims call the Temple Mount?

    A. The Noble Sanctuary
    B. The Holy Sanctuary
    C. The Dome Sanctuary
    D. The Sanctuary

  8. What is the meaning of the Hebrew word shomrim?

    A. Congregants
    B. Leaders
    C. Guards
    D. Followers

  9. What does the acronym CLC stand for?

    A. Creating Lasting Congregations
    B. Creating Learning Congregations
    C. Creating Liberal Congregations
    D. Creating Living Congregations

  10. What is the newly unveiled Synagogue Match?

    A. A synagogue-run dating service
    B. A synagogue-run game show
    C. A synagogue partner program based on common goals
    D. A way to connect with a synagogue in your area


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