(All answers can be found in the Summer 2001 issue.)

  1. Approximate number of adopted children in Jewish families, according to the 1990 National Jewish Population Survey.
    Hint: choose a different number for each answer

  2. How many times is Jerusalem mentioned in the Bible?

  3. According to Maimonides, how many cows in history have met the Book of Numbers' requirements for sacrifice?

  4. How many years ago was the Kotel built?

  5. The original Western Wall has been excavated to a length of how many times the section visible above ground?

  6. Approximate number of Jews living in German-speaking countries today.

  7. Number of Reform congregations affiliated with the UAHC

  8. The Temple Mount covers how many acres?

  9. What percentage of rabbinical applicants at Hebrew Union College - Jewish Institute of Religion in the year 2000 had a close relative who was a Jewish professional?

  10. Approximate number of Progressive congregations in the Former Soviet Union.


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