RJ Summer 2001

Summer 2001

The New World of Adoption by Rahel Musleah
Changing attitudes about adoption are having a profound impact on the Jewish family.

Being a Mezuzah by Laura Geller
Our actions can either close or open doors to a Jewish life. Will we be intimidating shomrim (guards) or welcoming mezuzot?

Invisible Blessings by Jack H Bloom
Rabbis often fail to see the profound influence they have on their congregants. It took me almost 30 years.

Love & Learn by Jean Bloch Rosensaft
Laura Neuman and Philip (Flip) Rice set out on the road to the rabbinate. Along the way, they fell in love.

FOCUS: The Soul of Jerusalem

Who Owns the Soul of Jerusalem? by Daniel Polish
Both Jews and Muslims claim exclusive ownership of the Temple Mount. Can they both be right?

The Caliph's Cloak by Karen Armstrong
When the Muslims restored the desecrated Temple Mount as a holy site in the 7th century and built the Dome of the Rock, some Jews saw it as a sign that messianic redemption was near.

If Jerusalem Is Ever Ours by Theodor Herzl
In 1898, the founder of the modern Zionist movement recorded his impressions of Palestine in his diary and envisioned "the rise of a glorious New Jerusalem."

The Tenth Cow? by Gershom Gorenberg
The Jews have not rebuilt the Temple for lack of a "red heifer." Would the birth of Melody the red cow in 1996 herald God's kingdom on earth or apocalypse?

The Wall Weeps Below by Jeff Mandell
In the very place where Jews and Muslims are called by tradition and faith, they cannot see one another.

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