(All answers can be found in the Fall 1998 issue.)
  1. 47 years. UAHC headquarters moved from Cincinnati to 838 Fifth Ave. in New York in 1951. The Union will move into its new official residence, 633 Third Ave., in October 1998. (page 2)
  2. A surprisingly high 32 percent opted for Reform or Conservative officiation, as reported by a Gallup poll in early 1998. 42 percent of Israelis opted for Orthodox officiation (i.e. the status quo), and 26 percent did not care or chose none-of-the-above. Rabbi Uri Regev, the Reform movement's representative on the Ne'eman Commission, observed, "[The Orthodox] have certainly provided us with the ultimate proof that...the public is...awaiting the reality of a free market of religious ideas, with equal status for all." (page 22)
  3. The 125th anniversary of the UAHC. Union founder Moritz Loth, president of Isaac Mayer Wise's temple in Cincinnati, was elected organization president at the Union of American Hebrew Congregations' founding convention in 1873. (page 31)
  4. 34 congregations from thirteen midwestern and southern states. (page 31)
  5. Approximately 870 affiliated synagogues. (page 39)
  6. Approximately 2000 membership units. (page 39)
  7. Approximately 300,000 member families. (page 39)
  8. 5759 (page 63)
  9. 365 (page 80) Chaver Keva is an extension of the UAHC's original Keva award, recognizing 100 documented hours of adult Jewish study. Loosely translated, "keva" means habit or fixed routine. Says Richard Abrams, R.J.E., assistant director of the UAHC Department of Adult Jewish Growth, "The habit of making Torah study a part of our lives is central to who we are as Jews."
  10. 1,600 (1,000 after the rash of suicide bombings). Six hundred Palestinians were administratively detained, three Israeli conscientious objectors were imprisoned for their principled stands, 22 Lebanese nationals were held in prison without charge or trial, 1,000 Palestinians received trials that did not meet the international standard of fairness, and 80 Palestinians (including 60 civilians) were killed by Israeli forces. (page 96)

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