(All answers can be found in the Fall 2001 issue.)
  1. Which of the following is not a biblical commandment?

    A. Love your mother and father
    B. Love God
    C. Love the stranger
    D. Love your neighbor

  2. Which of these biblical works is not included in "The Five Scrolls"--i.e.
    relatively late additions to the biblical canon and often grouped together because
    these scrolls are read on special holidays:

    A. The Song of Songs
    B. Job
    C. Lamentations
    D. Ecclesiastes

  3. What Jewish figure taught that daily prayer could help one rise above mood swings
    and bad habits, focusing instead on life's higher purpose?

    A. Moses Maimonides (Rambam)
    B. Moses Mendelssohn
    C. Rabbi Akiva
    D. Rabbi Israel Salanter

  4. In what American city did the first Jew land in 1649?

    A. New Amsterdam
    B. Boston
    C. New Haven
    D. Charleston

  5. Name the first Jewish president of Harvard University, selected in 2001.

    A. Charles Eliot
    B. Harry Wolfson
    C. Abraham L. Sachar
    D. Lawrence H. Summers

  6. What is Mazon?

    A. A Jewish organization dedicated to feeding the hungry
    B. A Jewish organization devoted to Outreach
    C. A Jewish klezmer band
    D. A matzah manufacturing plant

  7. What biblical character was born to a ninety-year-old mother and a hundred-year-old father?

    A. Isaac
    B. Ishmael
    C. Sarah
    D. Jacob

  8. What is midrash?

    A. The straightforward meaning of the text
    B. A biblical translation that modernizes key words, phrases, and idioms
    C. A story or other art form that fills in gaps and expands upon the biblical
    D. A biblical retelling that utilizes female images of God

  9. The process of t'shuvah (classically defined) does not include which of these steps?

    A. Confession
    B. An act of penitence
    C. Participation in a prayer minyan
    D. Confronting the same situation of the original error and acting differently

  10. Define or legoyim.

    A. Repairing the world
    B. A light unto the nations
    C. The beautification of Judaism
    D. A relay race with non-Jews


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