(All answers can be found in the Fall 2001 issue.)

  1. In millions, the World Zionist Organization's current annual allocation for the Reform Movement in Israel.
    Hint: choose a different number for each answer

  2. What percentage of American Jews agree with the statement: "It would pain me if my child married a gentile"?

  3. What percentage of American Jews agree that "the Jewish community has an obligation to urge Jews to marry Jews"?

  4. What percentage of the Jews in France identify with Orthodox Judaism?

  5. A traditional Jewish kitchen has how many complete sets of dishes?

  6. Number of Jews in Palestine on the eve of the establishment of the Jewish state.

  7. Number of canonical books in the Hebrew Bible.

  8. According to the Bible, how many days did the whole house of Israel weep for Aaron after he died?

  9. Approximate number of Jews in New York City on the eve of the Civil War.

  10. Year of the Six-Day War.


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