RJ Fall 2001

Fall 2001

Jewish Jeopardy by Rahel Musleah
What the latest national survey on Jewish attitudes toward intermarriage portends for the Jewish future.
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Awakenings by Rachel Naomi Remen
The things we can experience yet cannot prove may be the very things that ultimately sustain our lives.

An Ancient Prescription for Inner Peace by Leonard Felder
Reciting a daily prayer when you rise in the morning and lie down at night can help you overcome adversity.

Boston: Cornerstone of History by Jonathan Sarna
How Boston emerged as a creative and intellectual Jewish hub.

FOCUS: Family Feuds

A Time for Forgiveness by Harold Schulweis
This Rosh Hashanah, repair the family. Transcend the stubbornness. Pierce the wall of silence.

Where Was Isaac? by Jack Riemer
After Abraham and Isaac set out on their fateful journey to Mount Moriah, they never spoke to one another again. That silence echoes to this day.
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Wicked to Wise: An Interview with Rabbi Jan Katzew
Judah, the once-wicked son who conspired to sell his brother Joseph into slavery, ultimately chooses a righteous path--setting an example that can bring healing to even the most dysfunctional of families.

Ask the Rabbi by Judy Shanks
How you can honor your mother, even if you don't respect her.
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"He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother" by Michael Gold
My reconciliation with Jeffrey after a year-long estrangement taught me enduring life lessons about family and faithfulness.

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Dear Reader / E. Yoffie
The Inner Life: Stranger in the Synagogue / J. Berman
RJ Diary: A High Holy Day Home Where the Buffalo Roam / M. A. Sternberg
UAHC & You / B. Levinson
Significant Jewish Books / B. Fetterman
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Books: Reading the Bible / B. Fetterman
Holidays: How to Get Youngsters So Enthusiastic About the High Holy Days They Refuse to Leave the Synagogue / M. Eiseman
Profile: The Art of Living By Giving
/ N. Steiner
Spotlight: Bon Jovi's David Bryan: Keeping the Faith
/ A. Kaplan
Milestones / B. Levinson
My Opinion: The NRA Is Not Just About Guns / L. Zeskind

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