(All answers can be found in the Spring 2002 issue.)
  1. All in the Family's Archie Bunker was forced to confront his prejudice against Jews when he

    A. adopted a Jewish daughter
    B. adopted a Jewish niece
    C. became godfather to a Jewish daughter
    D. became godfather to a Jewish niece

  2. What Jewish comedian wrote: "My friends tell me I have an intimacy problem. But they don't really know me."

    A. Richard Lewis
    B. Lewis Black
    C. Andy Kaufman
    D. Gary Shandling

  3. What does Jewish tradition advise regarding spanking a disobedient child?

    A. The Bible encourages spanking and the Talmud discourages it.
    B. Both the Bible and the Talmud encourage spanking.
    C. Both the Bible and the Talmud discourage spanking.
    D. The Bible discourages spanking and the Talmud encourages it.

  4. Define tzedek.

    A. Charity
    B. Money
    C. Justice
    D. Clarity

  5. From the perspective of Medieval Christian theology, how were the Jews to be treated?

    A. Jews were to be killed for their sin of having committed deicide.
    B. Jews were to be segregated for their sin of having committed deicide.
    C. Jews were to be tolerated in the hope that they would finally "see the light."
    D. Jews were to be praised because Jesus was a Jew.

  6. Looking at history, as a whole, have conditions for the Jews been better for the Jews in Islamic or Christian lands?

    A. Better in Islamic lands
    B. Better in Christian lands
    C. Excellent in both lands
    D. Better when the Jews gave their neighbors gefilte fish care packages

  7. What Philip Roth novel explores the meaning of being a Jew through the lives of Henry Zuckerman, who joins a settlement on the West Bank; and Nathan Zuckerman, who moves to Gloucestershire with an English-born gentile wife?

    A. Goodbye, Columbus
    B. The Counterlife
    C. Zuckerman Unbound
    D. The Anatomy Lesson

  8. What biblical character exclaims: "God was in this place, and I, I did not know!"

    A. Abraham
    B. Isaac
    C. Jacob
    D. Moses

  9. Which Oppenheimer brother is known as the "father of Vancouver"?

    A. Meyer
    B. Charles
    C. Godfrey
    D. David

  10. What significant role does Miriam play in the Bible?

    A. She found and saved her brother, the baby Moses.
    B. She taught Moses how to overcome his speech impediment.
    C. She found fresh water for the Israelites as they sojourned in the desert.
    D. She taught the women how to make really good muffins from unleavened bread.


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