RJ Spring 2002

Spring 2002

Wizards of Wit: How Jews Revolutionized Comedy in America
Part II: 1970-1989--From Assaulted to Assimilated
by Arie Kaplan
In the '50s and '60s, when Jewish comedy writers went mainstream, they acknowledged their Jewishness with a "wink" to those "in the know." In the post-Vietnam and "Me" decades of the '70s and '80s, they brought their Jewish characters completely out of the closet.

Teach These Words Unto Thy Children by Rabbi Eric Yoffie
Only by supporting teachers, respecting teachers, and being teachers will we succeed in imparting Jewish wisdom to all of our children.

The Deceitful Daughter by William Berkson
Conflicting philosophies of parenting can drive a family to dysfunction. What's a parent to do? Use classic Jewish values as a guide.

FOCUS: 9/11 & Us

Waking Up to Antisemitism by Jonathan Rosen
More and more, I feel that Jews are being turned into a question mark--once again. How is it, the world still asks--about Israel, about Jews, about me--that you are still here?

What Every Jew Should Know About Islam & Those Who Have Hijacked Its Teachings
An interview with Children of Abraham author and Muslim historian Professor Khalid Duran on how Islam views Jews, the causes of anti-Americanism in the Muslim world, and what steps must be taken to defeat the jihadist movement.
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Caught Between Cross & Crescent by Bernard Cooperman
To anticipate how September 11 might affect Jewish life in the 21st century, we need to understand how our ancestors have fared under Christian and Muslim rule.

Ask the Rabbi by Judy Shanks
A rabbinic response to the question, "How can I go about my normal life when I no longer feel secure?"

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Dear Reader: Vouchers Are Not the Way / E. Yoffie
UAHC & You / B. Levinson
Books: Jewish Odysseys / B. Fetterman
Significant Jewish Books / B. Fetterman
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Travel: Transcendental Canada / A. & J. Hirt-Manheimer
Spotlight: New Haggadah Welcomes All to Enter / N. Steiner
Milestones / B. Levinson
My Opinion: The Shema Is Not a Private Prayer / D. Asher

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