(All answers can be found in the Spring 2001 issue.)
  1. What three fish are used to make gefilte fish?

  2. What does the Torah say about the Jewish commandment to fight against unfair working conditions?

  3. According to Jewish tradition, for whose sake do we recite a hesped, or funeral oration?

  4. Operation Shalom HaGalil was conducted during what war?

  5. What is a taharah?

  6. Who wrote the following: "A stern and unforgiving Deity or an indifferent God would not be a comfort, could not begin to address the fears we share…. Far too many are convinced that this is the God of the Jewish tradition. But in Judaism, the true quest is for a God who is close."?

  7. Explain the origin of Jewish choral music.

  8. Yom Kippur is sometimes called by another name. What is it?

  9. What is the site of the longest continuous archeological dig in Israel?

  10. What is the significance of the Birnbaum Collection?

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