(All answers can be found in the Spring 2001 issue.)

  1. How many steps are there in the seder?

  2. How many middot, i.e. Jewish values or virtues, are noted in Pirkei Avot?

  3. Year in which former UAHC President Rabbi Alexander M. Schindler, of blessed memory, stated that Reform Jews had to embrace our intermarried children; draw intermarried couples into the synagogue; and encourage them to convert and raise their children as Jews.

  4. In the lamed-vavnik legend, how many righteous individuals are there for whose sake God takes pity on the world?

  5. In millions, approximately how many Jewish immigrants entered America between 1880 and 1920?

  6. According to talmudic law, every contract--including the one a boy enters into at his bar mitzvah--has a life span of how many years?

  7. Percentage of the cost of family celebration which many American Jews donate to the Jewish hunger relief organization Mazon.

  8. Israeli poet Yehuda Amichai's work has been translated into how many languages?

  9. How many times each year does Jewish tradition instruct us to remember those we have lost?

  10. Approximate number of liberal synagogues in North America.



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