RJ Spring 2001

Spring 2001

IBM & The Final Solution
An exclusive interview with investigative reporter Edwin Black, author of IBM & the Holocaust. He is shown here in front of an IBM Hollerith machine at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC.

Shalom, Alex by Al Vorspan
Remembering a "prince of Israel"--Rabbi Alexander M. Schindler.

False Prophets by Eric H. Yoffie
Certain well-intentioned Jewish opinion makers who speak the language of synagogue renewal are woefully out of touch with what is actually happening in our congregations.
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The Cossacks of Connecticut by Daniel Asa Rose
Growing up Jewish in the realm of lobstermen and advertising execs.

Laughing & Crying with the Same Eyes by Chana Bloch
The life and poetry of Yehuda Amichai.

3,400 Years of Treasures by Susan Ludmer-Gliebe
The HUC-JIR archives, museums, and libraries preserve our people's communal memory.

FOCUS: Rituals of Remembrace

Tender Truths by Margaret Moers Wenig
The funeral is a time to speak honestly and respectfully about the deceased.

Final Touches by Nancy Maxwell
Washing and dressing a corpse is considered the ultimate mitzvah, because the recipient can never acknowledge or repay the act.

On Being the Kaddish by Patricia Z. Fischer
To be a Kaddish is to be willing to bear the grief of remembering.
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Relationships Never Die by Anne Brener
How we can cultivate the connection that will allow us to transcend our separation from those we have lost.

Dancing in the Kitchen of Memory by Nadine Kraman
My mother and I are deep in the dance of gefilte-fish making--an art form which my mother, and my father, of blessed memory, had perfected over the years.

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