(All answers can be found in the Spring 1998 issue.)
  1. Moses lived ____ years.
  2. According to Israeli polls, what percentage of Israelis define themselves as "secular"?
  3. A genetic defect which doubles the small risk of getting colon cancer is present in ____ American Jews.
  4. Kay and Mannie Dreyfus celebrated their ____ wedding anniversary at Temple Sinai, Lawrence, NY.
  5. On the morning of a Jewish festival, what percentage of the worshipers are typically female?
  6. Approximate number of Reform temple leaders (board members).
  7. The National Academy of Sciences reported that ____ percent of cancers in women are associated with long-term eating habits.
  8. The number of hours added on to the average work year in the last two decades.
  9. Number of corporations currently participating in the Corporate Angel Network (flying cancer patients and their family members to major U.S. cities on private jets free of charge).
  10. Approximate number of worshipers at 7:00 a.m. services during the Dallas Biennial.

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