(All answers can be found in the Spring 1998 issue.)
  1. 120 (page 72)
  2. 25%. Another 25% define themselves as Orthodox. The remaining half define themselves as Masorti (traditional). (page 79)
  3. 360,000 or 6 percent of the population. This genetic defect is the most common cancer-causing mutation ever identified in an ethnic population. (page 45)
  4. Their 75th anniversary. What has kept Mannie, 100, and Kay, 97, happily together for so long? Says Kay: "Admiration for each other, understanding, giving in when you know you have to, and talking things over. Also, we think alike and we do alike." (page 84)
  5. 90%. Author Rabbi Jeffrey K. Salkin contends that "the great, unspoken crisis facing modern Judaism is the disengagement of men in large numbers." (page 28)
  6. 20,000 (page 20)
  7. 60 percent (page 49)
  8. 164 hours, the equivalent of an entire month, according to Judith Schor's The Overworked American. Vacations have shortened by 14 percent, and in white households parental time available to children has fallen 10 hours per week. (page 16)
  9. 550 corporations (And more are needed!) (page 61)
  10. 1500 worshipers at five different services-the largest morning worship attendance ever at a Reform convention. (page 37)

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