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  1. What Jewish comedian played a Japanese character named "Taka Mashuga" (i.e. Really Crazy) on television?

    A. Carl Reiner
    B. Mel Brooks
    C. Sid Caesar
    D. Woody Allen

  2. What Sesame Street character sketches were sometimes based on re-workings of traditional Jewish jokes?

    A. Big Bird & Ernie
    B. The Cookie Monster & Ernie
    C. Elmo & Ernie
    D. Bert & Ernie

  3. Name the Jewish conquistador whom Columbus sent to the island of Cuba on an exploratory expedition for gold.

    A. Luis de Torres
    B. Luis Chanivecki
    C. Joseph Levi
    D. Ricardo Monteban

  4. Which of the following statements concerning Castro is untrue?

    A. Castro has forbidden anti-Israel and anti-Zionist messages in the Cuban press.
    B. Jewish emigration to Israel has never been blocked under Castro.
    C. Judaism is allowed to flourish without state interference under Castro.
    D. Castro has quipped that he believes himself to be of Jewish ancestry.

  5. What fear kept Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks from recording "The Two Thousand Year Old Man" for ten years?

    A. Fear of losing steady work in the Borscht Belt
    B. Fear of angering fellow Jewish performers
    C. Fear of it being perceived as antisemitic
    D. Fear of Mel Brooks' father's reaction

  6. Which statement about current legal guidelines regarding cases of public religious displays of crèches and menorahs is untrue?

    A. There are no hard and fast rules regarding public religious displays.
    B. When private groups combine religious and secular symbols they are more likely to be ruled acceptable by the courts.
    C. When crèches and menorahs are placed in locations considered open to public expression, courts will generally allow them to remain.
    D. When the state pays for and oversees the construction of crèches and menorahs, courts will generally allow them to remain.

  7. Which of the following does not describe the classical Reform Jewish practice of German Jewish immigrants and their descendants?

    A. Services were decorous and orderly
    B. Services were emotive
    C. Services were conducted primarily in English.
    D. The rabbi's sermon was intended to inspire with awe and sanctity.

  8. What is Camp Dream Street?

    A. A camp staffed by NFTY youth to bring enjoyment to youngsters living in the inner cities.
    B. A camp staffed by NFTY youth to offer enjoyment to young people with physical disabilities.
    C. A leadership skills training camp for the NFTY youth leaders
    D. A camp for NFTY devotees of the band REM.

  9. Define the Hebrew word etone.

    A. A high-pitched sound
    B. A good deed that is rewarded
    C. A fruit in the blueberry family
    D. A newspaper

  10. What Jewish comedian said: "I once wanted to become an atheist, but I gave up…they have no holidays."

    A. Sam Levenson
    B. Henny Youngman
    C. Myron Cohen
    D. Woody Allen


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