(All answers can be found in the Winter 2001 issue.)

  1. Number of rabbinic students at the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion.
    Hint: choose a different number for each answer

  2. In what chapter of Leviticus does the holiness code appear?

  3. Approximate number of Jews living today in South Africa.

  4. Percentage of the Jewish population in South Africa which is synagogue-affiliated.

  5. Approximate number of Jews living today in Cuba.

  6. Approximate number of Jews living in Cuba in the 1950s, when the Jewish community reached its peak.

  7. Approximate number of Jews--including Poles who have a Jewish parent or grandparent--living today in Poland.

  8. Approximate number of European Jews who were protected by Huguenot Christians during World War II.

  9. In dollars, the financial contribution from then NAACP President Kivie Kaplan to establish the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism in Washington, DC in 1963.

  10. Approximate number of interfaith organizations comprising the Coalition To Preserve Religious Liberty, which opposes school prayer amendments and legislation, co-chaired by RAC Director Rabbi David Saperstein.


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