RJ Winter 2001

Winter 2001

Wizards of Wit: How Jews Revolutionized Comedy in America by Arie Kaplan
Jewish writers have been the driving force in rocking the comedy boat, fueled by their "outsider" vantage point, street-smart creativity, and outsized chutzpah. Part I: 1950-1969.
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Can American Jews & Muslims Get Along? by A. James Rudin
Yes. And it is more important now than ever.
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Soul of a Scholar
A conversation with the new HUC-JIR President Rabbi David Ellenson.

Dynamo in D.C. by Rahel Musleah
A day in the life of Rabbi David Saperstein, director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism.


South Africa: In the Shadow of Apartheid by Bonny Fetterman
One of the great social experiments of our time is unfolding in South Africa--and its now-diminished Jewish community is determined to make it succeed.

Cuba: In the Shadow of Castro by Jeffrey Salkin
A generation of Communism--and poverty so severe that physicians become hotel maids for American dollars--has not sapped the spiritual energy of Cuban Jewry.

Poland: In the Shadow of Memory by Aron Hirt-Manheimer
In a land that was once home to a great Jewish civilization, some Jews and non-Jews construct memorials to "a vanished people," while others rebuild a living Judaism.

The Politics of Apology by Morlan Ty Rogers
The inscription of the Jedwabne monument erected by the Polish government was a lie. I vowed to express the truth to the world.

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Dear Reader / E. Yoffie
UAHC & You / B. Levinson
Significant Jewish Books / B. Fetterman
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Fiction: The Scribe of Deemyonsk / S. Schnur
Books: Women's Fiction, Women's Lives
/ B. Fetterman
Synagogue: Driving Miss Daisy Crazy / B. Schuman
Law: 'Tis the Season of Menorah/Creche Litigation / D. Weinstein
Spotlight: A Dream Camp for Kids with Disabilities; College Students Are Now Only a Click Away / B. Gilbert & J. Hamerman
Milestones / B. Levinson
My Opinion: We Must Hold Muslim Leaders Accountable / J. Garfunkel

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