(All answers can be found in the Winter 2000 issue.)

  1. Approximate number of Jewish Displaced Persons following World War II.

  2. Approximate number of Arabs in Palestine in 1937.

  3. Approximate number of tons of food and necessities Rabbi Eugene Lipman collected and distributed to Jews in Displaced Persons camps.

  4. How many Jewish scholars did Hebrew Union College rescue from Nazi persecution?

  5. Number of Jews living today in Girona, Spain--where, during the Middle Ages, Nachmanides enthralled students with Kabbalistic teachings.

  6. Date of the dedication of the oldest synagogue building in the Western Hemisphere.

  7. Approximate number of Jews living in Calcutta, India.

  8. How many Reform congregations participated in last year's Shabbat Across America/Canada?

  9. Number of local survivors and liberators interviewed for "The People Next Door" video documentary created by Temple Beth El in South Bend, IN.

  10. Approximate number of Jews saved as a result of the War Refugee Board, which President Franklin D. Roosevelt established in January 1944.



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