RJ Winter 2000

Winter 2000

The Presidents & the Jews by Leonard Dinnerstein
From FDR to Bill Clinton, which presidents were "good for the Jews"?
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JFK Forgot the Kipah, Nixon Bugged the Office by Al Vorspan
Recollections of a Reform Jewish actionik.

Becoming a Blessing by Rachel Naomi Remen
According to my grandfather...each of us has the capacity to uncover the hidden holiness in all events and all people....

The Quest for Untidy Accommodations by Arthur Hertzberg
Peaceful coexistence between Jews and Palestinians is possible, but....

The Austrian Dreyfus Affair by Deborah Weinstein
Legendary photographer Philippe Halsman spent two years in an Austrian jail for a crime he did not commit. Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, and Eleanor Roosevelt all fought for his freedom.

Operation DP by Rahel Musleah
Three Reform chaplains and a captain who changed the lives of thousands of Displaced Persons following WWII.

FOCUS: Exotic Lands

Pilgrimage to the City of Kabbalah by Andree Aelion Brooks
We are among the first groups of Jewish tourists to visit Girona, Spain, where, duringthe Middle Ages, Nachmanides enthralledstudents with his Kabbalistic teachings.

The Omen by Simeon Maslin
I needed to break the hold she had on me--but I doubted I would succeed.

Tomorrow Never Comes by Seth Castleman
How to honor an aging mother without exhausting oneself.
India's Progressive Synagogue by Leon Morris
The JRU blends Indian customs with British-flavored Progressive Jewry.

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RJ Diary: In Sidney's Footsteps / E. Kleinman
The Inner Life: Snuggling Beneath the Blanket of Years
/ S. Leder
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/ B. Levinson
Significant Jewish Books / B. Fetterman
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Books: Israel at the Crossroads / B. Fetterman
Ritual: A Women's Circle Under a New Moon / M. Eiseman
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My Opinion: Boycott the Boy Scouts / P. Menitoff

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