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SPRING 2003   Vol. 31, No. 3

(All answers can be found in the Spring 2003 issue.)

  1. Which one of these Jewish songwriters was supposed to follow in his father's footsteps in the furniture business-that is, until the youngster mistakenly ordered two hundred pianos (instead of two) for his father's store?
    A. Oscar Hammerstein II
    B. Richard Rodgers
    C. Lorenz Hart
    D. Jerome Kern

  2. Which of these Jewish lyricists claimed to be a direct descendant of the German Jewish poet Heinrich Heine?

    A. Oscar Hammerstein II
    B. Lorenz Hart
    C. Ray Evans
    D. Sammy Cahn

  3. Where does the term self-hating Jew originate?

    A. Neo-Orthodox Jews first coined the term against Reform Jews
    B. Conservative Jews first coined the term against Reform Jews
    C. Reform Jews first coined the term against neo-Orthodox Jews
    D. Reconstructionist Jews first coined the term against unaffiliated Jews

  4. Which of the following personalities converted to Christianity but nevertheless was labeled a Jew?

    A. Karl Marx
    B. Sigmund Freud
    C. Harry Houdini
    D. Theodor Herzl

  5. What is "Making It Count"?

    A. A UAHC Press book about the importance of tzedakah
    B. A UAHC Press book teaching youngsters arithmetic along with Hebrew
    C. A UAHC guide to help pre-bar and bat mitzvah students and their families integrate Jewish values into the ceremony
    D. A UAHC guide encouraging older adults to increase their level of volunteerism in their synagogues and communities

  6. What is the role of the Prophet Elijah, according to Jewish tradition?

    A. To remind Jews that to feast is a mitzvah
    B. To herald the coming of the messiah
    C. To instruct Jews in the customs of the Passover
    D. To increase the profit margin of the kosher wine industry

  7. Which biblical figure is equally revered among Jews, Christians, and Muslims?

    A. Abraham
    B. Jacob
    C. Isaac
    D. Ishmael

  8. Jewish tradition teaches if you are in the act of planting a tree and someone says, "the Messiah is coming, the Messiah is coming," what should you do?
    A. Run to the Messiah with a bouquet of flowers
    B. Ask God to forgive your sins, then go greet the Messiah
    C. Finish planting the tree, then go greet the Messiah
    D. Call all your friends and family on your cell phone & tell them to come home ASAP

  9. Who is the first woman to serve as rabbi of a congregation in Israel?

    A. Rabbi Sally Priesand
    B. Rabbi Kinneret Shiryon
    C. Rabbi Sue Ann Wasserman
    D. Rabbi Michal Weinberg

  10. What is unusual about Reform rabbinic student Alysa Stanton?

    A. She is the first African American to enter Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion
    B. She is the youngest student ever to enter the Reform seminary
    C. She is part of the longest line of rabbis in recorded history
    D. She is a multimillionaire who chose to sell the company she founded in order to pursue what she says is her true calling



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