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SPRING 2003   Vol. 31, No. 3

(All answers can be found in the Spring 2003 issue.)

  1. The Jewish people achieved statehood after approximately how many years of statelessness?
    Hint: choose a different number for each answer

  2. The median age of American Jews, according to the 2000 National Jewish Population Study.

  3. The percentage of Reform Jews holding at least a bachelor degree, according to surveys conducted by the UAHC Department of Family Concerns.

  4. As of early 2003, the approximate number of individual claims that have been processed as a result of the Swiss banks restitution case.

  5. In millions, the approximate amount of money awarded in legal fees to the attorneys prosecuting the Swiss banks.

  6. The number of incoming rabbinic students at the Reform Movement's seminary, Hebrew Union College--Jewish Institute of Religion.

  7. The monetary award to be presented to the winner of the new Reform Judaism Magazine Prize for Jewish Literary Fiction.

  8. The number of Broadway musicals composed by Richard Rodgers.

  9. The "Green Line" represents Israel's border prior to what date?

  10. The approximate number of Israeli young adults who came to the United States this past summer to serve as campers, camp counselors, or advisors as part of the Reform Movement's "commitment to heighten awareness of Israel through the presence of Israelis at UAHC camps."


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