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SUMMER 2002   Vol. 30, No. 5

(All answers can be found in the Summer 2002 issue.)

  1. According to the rabbis, which of the following acts of lashon hara (gossip) was not forbidden?

    A. to convey a negative response about a person through hand motions, facial expressions, coughs, winks, or tone of voice
    B. to sit next to someone who speaks lashon hara
    C. to speak of the poor quality of a vendor's merchandise
    D. to praise another person excessively

  2. Complete the following talmudic saying: "A person's tongue is more powerful than his…"

    A. sword
    B. arm
    C. army
    D. internet connection

  3. What contemporary Jewish comedian tells the joke: "I celebrated Thanksgiving in an old-fashioned way. I invited everyone in my neighborhood to my house; we had an enormous feast; and then I killed them and took their land."

    A. Richard Lewis
    B. Jonathan Katz
    C. David Steinberg
    D. Jon Stewart

  4. Which of these characters on current TV sitcoms is not portrayed as Jewish?

    A. Grace on "Will and Grace"
    B. Kyle on "South Park"
    C. Ross on "Friends"
    D. Raymond on "Everybody Loves Raymond"

  5. Define klei kodesh

    A. holy men
    B. holy vessels
    C. holy spirits
    D. holy pieces of clay

  6. Which of these statements best reflects the Torah's position on capital punishment?

    A. It supports the death penalty in principle, but places obstacles to its implementation
    B. It considers the death penalty essential for just retribution
    C. It considers premeditated murder and unintentional killing as equally deserving of the ultimate punishment
    D. It frowns against the use of capital punishment; all the discussion of capital punishment in the Torah exists only in the realm of theoretical speculation

  7. What is the original meaning of the word "sabra"?

    A. Any Jew born in the land of Israel
    B. Any Jew who moved to Israel before age 18
    C. Any Jew raised in Israel after 1948
    D. Any Jew raised in Israel in the 1930s and 1940s who was educated and socialized through the Labor Zionist Movement

  8. What is the Bayudaya community?

    A. A community of Ethiopian Jews
    B. A community of Nigerian Jews
    C. A community of Ugandan Jews
    D. A community of Malaysian Jews

  9. What historic decision did the Israeli Supreme Court reach on February 20, 2002?

    A. Israelis converted to Judaism by Reform and Conservative rabbis must be registered as Jews
    B. Reform and Conservative religious schools must receive equal government funding
    C. Reform and Conservative rabbis must be given the opportunity to become chief rabbi in Israel
    D. Marriages performed by Reform and Conservative rabbis must be recognized as legal by the State

  10. What is the meaning of the mark God places on the forehead of Cain after he kills his brother Abel in a fit of rage?

    A. A sign of punishment
    B. A sign of protection
    C. A sign of "otherness"
    D. A sign of God's disappointment



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