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FALL 2002  
Vol. 31, No. 1


(All answers can be found in the Fall 2002 issue.)

  1. In millions, the approximate number of Jews in Israel today.
    Hint: choose a different number for each answer

  2. The percentage of Jews in Israel who are Orthodox.

  3. Number of baseball-shaped gefilte fish Hank Greenberg's mother promised to serve him if he succeeded in breaking Babe Ruth's 1927 season record in home runs.

  4. Jews have lived continually in the land of Israel since what year in the Common Era?

  5. At Camp David II, Israel offered the Palestinians approximately what percentage of the occupied territories?

  6. Year in which the Jews took part in the defense of Jerusalem against the Crusaders, fighting alongside the Arabs.

  7. Year in which a group of Jews founded the first entirely Jewish town in Palestine.

  8. Approximate number of children rescued from the Warsaw Ghetto by Polish Catholic social worker Irena Sendler.

  9. By what year did the Jews form the majority of the population of Jerusalem?

  10. Approximate number of Jews living in Palestine by the year 1914.



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